Stories are my constant companion. They float through my mind accompanying me everywhere I go. New ones will pop up from almost nowhere, inspired by the most mundane incident as well as the signature events in my life. So, it came as a real surprise to me to discover that not everyone is accompanied in this way. Whether you are like me or not, by sharing them with you, I want to make my good fortune yours as well.

There has been plenty to inspire my stories, not all of it positive. Disability has made it tough to know who I am, and being black in a place where the norm is being white merely accentuated my feeling of being out of place in the land of my birth. So, the thirty years I spent trying to find my space in this world has not been a wasted journey. I collected a PhD along the way, stumbled upon liberation through disability activism and spent many years working with people. All these things have fuelled my imagination and my stories.

I was born in a small English town and schooled in London. I spent most of my adult life as, first, a lecturer and then as an employee trainer. I am still a visiting lecturer in a London university and would have remained thus were it not for the good fortune to have someone believe in my writing. Take it from me, a severe disability can corrode ones confidence and it took the persistence of a good friend to persuade me that I could indeed write. Now all I can see is my stories stretching out before me. I need to catch up and share them with you.