Hi everybody this is a belated second submission to my blog about My Name is Sam. A great deal is happened since my first submission. I have sold many more copies and I am now getting feedback from people who have read the book. One thing I have learnt from all this is that a lot of people really love this story and want more. So, don't worry, My Name is Sam is only the first Book in the trilogy. The second part will be called "Sam is dead". I have yet to decide the name for the third and final part, but it will bring the story to its conclusion. No, there will not be anymore beyond the final part. However and, depending on demand, I might be persuaded to fill in some of gaps between each of the novels. Let's wait and see!

For those of you who are still thinking about reading the book, the next few blog submissions will be for you. I have also created a iTunes podcast that I will share with you. In it I explain why I wrote the book and why you should read it. Also, I have created a twitter feed so that you can contact me to let me know what you think of My Name is Sam. Finally, I am on Facebook at last. For those of you who prefer that social media platform you can contact me there as well. In other words, you can find me wherever you would normally look.

 Wes Stuart

Wes Stuart


Welcome! This is the cover of my first book, My Name is Sam. This is the first story in a trilogy, which will follow Sam and his friends in their battle against enemies beyond our imagining on Earth and on lands yet to be discovered. This tale is, primarily, for boys and girls, 12 and over. Yet, I already know that women and men have enjoyed this story as well. So, everyone is included on this journey.


The purpose of this blog is to give you an insight into my creative process that went into getting My Name is Sam from just a figment of my imagination to a self published work. How did I choose this book cover? What about the editing process? Why did I choose the self publishing route? All these questions are part of this journey. There is far more to this book than its cover, after all! 


Finally, this blog will also highlight books, movies, and events that have influence my imagination. It will also keep you up to date with progress of forthcoming books.


I hope you will have as much fun as I will.