My Name is Sam


He was the first human to ever set eyes on this desolate world and his small, naked form looked very out of place. A gale was brewing, and the snow began to swirl about him like a multitude of white starlings, whipped off vast drifts that had been thousands of years in the making. Like a high diver with his toes right on the very edge of the hole, Sam took one final look down into the darkness below, closed his eyes and jumped…

Sam is an unimposing boy who has no past and no memory of who he is, yet he possesses extraordinary abilities. He is also Earth’s last hope for salvation from the Gibbus who, in seven days, will destroy the planet and everyone on it. This is not his choice however: that is the decision of the alien Sereia, his mentors and guides, as he is forced to confront this hazardous task. They have their own reasons for wanting Earth to be saved, but are too weak to challenge the Gibbus themselves. In their search for a human champion they find the unlikely and ill-prepared young boy, Sam – but this child is not quite as he appears…

‘I was captivated the whole way through, loved the characters and how much was going on’
—Ruby, 13

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